Christine Quint - Studio Owner


“If I had the chance, I’d ask the world to dance.” Anyone that has the desire to dance can do so. The key is to love the way you move — no matter what. Movement, whether through dance, fitness or everyday life, is one of the greatest abilities we have. The capability to do so is a gift.

Dancing and teaching dance are two of my greatest passions! I began dancing when I was 3 years old, and by the age of 12 I realized that I loved teaching dance too!  For 15 years I trained, performed and competed nationally with California Academy of Performing Arts in Moraga, California. In high school I began a teaching internship and after graduation had the pleasure of training with some of the best 

choreographers in the San Francisco Bay Area. For over 15 years I have taught Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Ballroom and Zumba to dancers aged 3 to 83 years old; I have also worked as a resident musical choreographer and I am a certified Mat Pilates and Zumba instructor. After recovering from a severe spinal injury when I was 29, I came back to teaching with a renewed purpose and appreciation for proper technique and body alignment: this is the foundation of all of my classes. More than anything, I love watching my students experience the joy of dance!

Irisz Galuska - Ballet

Irisz Galuska was born in Eger, Hungary and has danced since she was 3. Her first professional performance came at the age of 16 with Hungary’s Szeged Contemporary Ballet company in Mozart: Requiem. She soon developed an interest in teaching dance, mainly to children as a way of enhancing their personal development. She graduated from the Hungarian Dance Academy in 2009 as a Modern Dance and School Health teacher and began teaching dancers age 3 to 40 full-time. She created a variety of choreographies across music styles, and students recently qualified in the ESDU and IDO competitions, placing 1st and 3rd. She has also taken part in International Dance Festivals as a jury member and conducts dance camps and workshops in Hungary and abroad. She was also recently awarded a scholarship from the ArtEZ Institute of the Arts Dance Academy in Arnhem. Recent projects include dancing and acting in The Phantom of the Opera in a tour across Germany, Austria and Switzerland, a role as a dancer in the London film "To Trend On Twitter", and a series of dance projects in Italy, Spain,Morocco, Turkey, Tunisia and Hungary as well.

Darien Laird  - Musical Theater, Lyrical Jazz, Hip Hop, Ballet  

Dancing is like dreaming with your feet! 


Darien has loved the art of movement since she was a child. Her training began with gymnastics and ballet, then she quickly adopted and competed nationally in all other forms of dance: jazz, lyrical, modern, tap, hip hop and musical theater. She trained with elite studios and musical theater programs in New York, Washington, D.C., Los Angeles and Phoenix. As an early teen, she began teaching and mentoring younger dancers and the passion for teaching stuck! Her formal teaching career was with a wide variety of studios across the West Coast of the USA, including owning her own ballet studio in Seattle, Washington. She is thrilled to have found Quint Studio upon moving to Switzerland with her family and is excited to continue teaching and sharing her passion with a new generation of dancers.

Andrea Furger - Zumba 

Dance through your life and smile! 


Andrea started dancing when she was in primary school and has never stopped. At the age of 20 she joined the Show-Jazz-Dance-Troup «Dancesense» with whom she performed with for over 17 years in various small and big shows. In 2010 Andrea graduated as an official Jazz Dance Teacher and started to teach Jazz and Hip Hop to teens and adults. Even during the few years of maternity leave, she couldn’t stay out of the dance studio. She just graduated as a certified Zumba-Teacher and is now excited to teach Zumba and Jazz Dance to everyone who loves to move… It’s all about having fun with the music!

Anvita Pandey - Traditional Indian Dance 

Anvita Pandey is a professional Kathak dancer based in Zürich. Kathak, an Indian classical dance from North India, is an art of storytelling through rhythmic footwork, pirouettes, delicate hand gestures and subtle face expressions.

Anvita is a disciple of Guru Shovana Narayan, and under her tutelage she has practised and performed for more than 10 years. Trained in the Lucknow gharana (style), she also holds advanced degrees with distinction from Prayag Sangit Samiti, Allahabad and ISTD (Imperial Society of Teachers Dancing), London. 

She is now actively performing and teaching in around Switzerland. You could read more about her and her work at  

Marina Porrini  - Zumba Strong 

Marina liebte schon immer Musik und sich dazu zu bewegen. Mit 20 Jahren beschäftigte sie sich intensiv mit der Kunst des orientalischen Tanzes, was sie 10 Jahre später aus Zeitgründen an den Nagel hängen musste. Im Jahr 2013 liess sie sich zur Zumba-Instruktorin ausbilden und begann damit ihre Passion in den lateinamerikanischen Rhythmen auszuleben. Als dann das neue Programm «Strong by Zumba» auf den Markt kam merkte sie schnell, dass dieses neuartige HIIT-Programm (Hochintensives Intervall Training = HIIT) eine wunderbare Ergänzung zum restlichen Training darstellt. Sie spricht damit jeden an, der sich gerne intensiv zu Musik bewegt (Zumba) aber auch alle, die gerne intensiv trainieren (Strong).

Neben ihrer Tätigkeit als Mutter ist Marina selbständige Naturheilpraktikerin und befasst sich damit aus Berufung mit der Gesundheit der Menschen.

Contact Marina directly for class info:

Barbara Baltensperger - Pilates

 "Beauty for Ashes"


Born          in Zürich, Switzerland

Studied     in England at ANCC and in China at Fuzhou University

Worked     in South East Asia for 7 Years

Built           and raised a family of 7

Trained      at MFZ Zürich and Pilates Care Health Management  

Today enjoying teaching Pilates care to the full. Empowering women to reach their goals and potential.

Contact Barbara directly for class info:

079 697 12 07