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Holiday Breaks Spring Term February 27, to July, 1 2023

Spring break: April 24 to May 5, 2023

Spring Show June 17/18, 2023

Ascension day May 18, 2023

Pentecost Monday, Mai 29, 2023

Monday July 3, Start Summerbreak 

Holiday Break Fall Term September 4, to February 11, 2024

Fall Break: October 10 to 23, 2023

Christmas Break:  December 19, 2023 to January 8, 2024 (3 weeks)
Winter Break: February 13 to 26, 2024

Kids classes

- Students should arrive only 10 minutes before class begins. Teachers will pick up all students at the front door of the studio. 

- Please bring your dancers in their dance clothes to the studio. Teachers will assist all dancers in preparation for class. 

- We understand some new students might be apprehensive about leaving their parents at the door but all dancers must be able to enter the studio with their class and not with a parent. It helps if you talk with your dancer before classes begin and assure them that you will be waiting outside for them. 

- Please do not block the driveway and parking lot when waiting for your child. We ask that all parents wait on the front lawn in front of the studio. This will allow cars and delivery trucks to enter the area. 

- Teachers will bring the entire class out of the studio after class

Adult classes: 

Please contact us for a free trial class. If you would like to join one of our classes from home, please contact us directly! 

Water bottle: Please bring a water bottle for your child with their name on it. Please make sure to put your child's name in the their dance shoes, on clothing and water bottle.

Missed classes & Make ups: If your child needs to miss class due to illness they are able to make up the class. Please make sure to email our studio manager Andrea ( at least 24 hours in advance to let us know which class your child will be attending.

Parents watching class: I am occasionally asked by a parent if they can sit in and watch the class especially at the beginning of the term if their child is new and unsure. If your child needs reassurance you are there, you can tell them that you will be waiting in the waiting area for them. With the exception on Little Stars your child needs to be able to be in the class without you there. Please understand that with this age group it is difficult to have one parent in the room without it being a distraction to the other children therefor I have a strict closed door policy. If you have any questions about this and would like to discuss I am happy to set up a time to chat. I thank you in advance for your understanding. All parents are invited into the class room before the holiday break in December for a class demo. 

Parking: This is important information for all new students. Parking at the studio is limited so please give yourself time to find parking in the surrounding area if no spaces are available in the lot. Please only park in the guest parking spaces (there are three) or Studio Quint's parking spot. Please DO NOT park in any of the other spaces even if you are only running in to drop off your child. Parking issues causes stress for us in the studio so we really appreciate your corporation. If you have any questions please ask us! Public Transportation: The 145 and 142 bus stops 1/2 a block away. 

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